More common Roaccutane side effects

Several common Roaccutane side effects usually appear on many users. They are acceptable and common so if you suffer from ordinary side effects there's no need to worry. Common Roaccutane side effects include dryness of skin, lips, nose, eyes, hair and muscle pains. Dry skin goes with skin peeling, lips become swollen and cracked, nose is dry and it may bleed sometimes. Medicine affects on eyes by making them dry and uncomfortable for contact lens (in case you wear contacts) while hair could become thin and scurfy. You may feel muscle pains, especially on the back, even if you don't do any physical activities. More common Roaccutane side effects are endurable and it's good if you experience just them. Intensity of side effect depends on the dose and individual. Problem occurs when rare side effects appear because it means that treatment must be canceled.

More common Roaccutane side effects:
- skin: general dryness, skin peeling and irritation, inflammation and redness, risk of skin disease and sensitivity
- lips: dry lips and swelling cause cracking to blood
- nose: dryness, cracked linings of nose resulting with nose bleeding
- eyes: reduced tear wetting has eye dryness and itchiness as consequence, could lead to infection like ophthalmia or conjunctivitis
- sun sensitivity: preference to sunburns and dark skin
- muscle pain: active muscles and the back
- joints pain: caused by reduced secretion of fats
- mild headaches: frequent at the beginning of therapy
- increased liver enzymes: possible liver damage has effect on other body functions
- blood: increased level of fats, cholesterol and triglycerides, blood sugar (diabetes caution)