Dry nose side effect

Dry nose is side effect of Roaccutane that appears often (80%) but seldom has serious consequences.

Nostrils dryness cause cracking of the linings of the nose and results with bleeding. In nearly every case dry nose is just simple reaction effect related to a general body dryness. The most common reasons of deterioration are irritation, dry air, allergies, sinusitis, virus or bacterium infections. Nose bleed side effect can be prevented by applying lubricants such as Vaseline. Nose lubricant gels (propanediol generally) should be spread on inner nose as usual as possible to keep it wet due the lining cracking.

Roaccutane dosage and person's physical condition are the factors of the effect severity. If nosebleeds are unstoppable, talk with doctor or pharmacist and ask for adjunct prescription medicine.