Roaccutane skin side effects

It is absolutely significant to have additional attention for your skin while on Roaccutane therapy. Isotretinoin dehydrates sebaceous glands and keeps down the amount of oil secrete that causes acne appearance. Therefore this side effect would establish dryer and shivery skin than as it used to be.

Dry skin
is a good sign of Accutane healing process progress so don't worry if it looks bad, it's for your own good. You can always make some changes in the skin care to have less troubles during and after the Roaccutane treatment. Dryness of the skin as standard Roaccutane side effect is equal to almost every case and we are talking about very high percentage (certainly more than 95%). For that reason advices for skin care while on isotretinoin would be primary warnings by your doctor. Cosmetics that dehydrate should be strictly avoided. Stick to products which are designed to clean and reduce skin dryness. Otherwise "normal" cosmetic products would damage skin or make it red and irritated. Special soaps for prone-blemish skin purpose is to clear or remove skin fats so far that it still has it's natural level of hydration.

In conclusion: keep off your skin from waxing and drying. Dry skin is common side effect and it can take an important place in a healing period. Cosmetics care is important because of the probability of scar occurrence and vulnerability (slow recovery). Do not stay under the hot shower for longer than a few minutes. Dryness of the skin is visible on elbows too. Aggressive cosmetic preparations may strip the skin or cause it's peeling. Your whole body skin is dry not just the face. Hot baths should be avoided too and consult with dermatologist about the soap or shower gel you are using.

Sun Sensitivity
During the course and at least a month after keep off the Sun, especially ultraviolet light from 11 AM to 5 PM (summer scheme). Isotretinoin will make skin more sensible to sunlight so protect yourself on every shiny day to avoid sunburns. A hat is considered as well protection if it covers whole face. One tip: ears are sensitive on sunburns, wear a cap with a larger diameter to elude skin stripping effect. Put a sun cream of minimally +20 Sun Protection Factor when exposing skin on a beach. Sunscreen must not be oily and alcohol free. Intense UV light can make your nails red and skin extremely dark so do not take risk! The solarium while on Roaccutane could make fatal skin side effect consequences, don't even think about it.

Cosmetic products without oil and alcohol are recommended. Make-up and powders are allowed. Be careful only when removing them off with other preparations. Simply, in a few words: use cosmetics that won't additionally irritate your skin.

Surgery while on Roaccutane
Do not plan cosmetic surgery in next half year after you stopped taking Accutane. Plastic surgery date must be determined by doctor depending on your physical condition. Treatment must be interrupted because you'll take other tablets after surgery. Laser surgery is also in this category. All kinds of surgeries could lead to serious and long lasting scars on the skin.