Dry and swollen lips side effect

Side effects related to lips are very annoying (and 95% common, unfortunately) but there is way to prevent it.

Roaccutane will probably affect on lips by making it dry and cracked to blood some-days. Always have chapstick (lip balm) in your pocket. It's suggested to use it a week after the therapy began no matter how strong and visible swollen lips side effects are. Put moisturizer of any kind on lips frequently. First symptoms of troubles with lips are swelling and drying. Lipstick will eliminate all your bothers and prevent negative effects if you use it few times a day. It's important to mention there's risk of additional infection in lips or skin around them. Bacterial infection must be treated with antibiotics which mean you must cancel Roaccutane course and change acne healing schedule. People who use isotretinoin can more likely get herpes. Those who already have it should keep off the sunlight to avoid disease impairment. Long period exposing may lead to loss of a lip line (blurred borderline between lips and face skin color).