Less common Roaccutane side effects

Various common and rare Roaccutane side effects aren't acceptable like those named before. Any of them could cause dangerous and long-lasting disease with serious consequences. If you experience any less common Roaccutane side effect listed below, it means that the urgent doctor's intervention is needed. In almost every case Roccutane treatment must be interrupted. Less common side effects have affect on: skin, vision, hair, lungs, digestive flow and psychic state. Skin becomes sensitive and may change colour, night vision impared, there's probability of losing hair, breathing difficulties and nausea. There are also possible bowel diseases, changes in bone structure and psychical mood causing depression. Canceling the medication will help you to reduce less common Roaccutane side effects but maintain the current status of acne with some minor improvements.

Less common Roaccutane side effects:
- skin: heavy rash, yellowing, infections
- vision: decreased night vision
- hair: hair loss caused by liver damage
- lungs: chest pain, breathing disorder
- pancreas: pancreas damage
- nails: color change
- bowel: inflammatory disease
- stomach: serious pain, digestive flow changes resulting in nausea, diarrhea and vomiting
- depression: mood changes
- fatigue

Very rare Roaccutane side effects
Bowel inflammation, rectum bleeding, diarrhea, abdominal muscle pain, nails change, intracranial hypertension, neurological problems appear very rarely.