Depression Side Effects of Roaccutane

Roaccutane is in the category of legal drugs for almost 30 years. Since beginning users have appointed depression as one of the side effects. Question about does it cause depression or not still remains unsolved.

The number of suicides among the patients caused by depression side effect of Roaccutane compared to regular numbers of suicides doesn't deviate. Nonetheless, the fact that depression and mood swings are registered 10 years ago by manufacturer as one of the Roaccutane side effects brings the safety of drug into the doubt. Roaccutane manufacturer Roche warns patients with data that: "Synthetic derivatives of vitamin A (remark: isotretinoin) can negatively impact brain chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin." Dopamine is a chemical that has significant functions in the human brain related to feeling of luck, behavior, pleasure, euphoria, brain's reward system, while serotonin has substantially role in mood, sleep, concentration control and memory processing. Disorder of these two neurotransmitters responsible a general feeling of happiness can seriously demolish human's mental stability and cause depression.

According to the statistical averages, Accutane was associated with 2 suicides and 2 attempts of suicides per month just in the United States. All the same, more than 13 million people took this drug in last 25 years so statistics do not vary from standard- deflating statistics are reasonable averages. The debate about drug safety has gained publicity after a U.S. Congressman's son committed suicide stimulated by the medicament intake according to the incriminating words of his father. Many side effects remain after the treatment for a several weeks and that's the case with depressive thoughts, despite the fact they occur in less than 1% of patients. Similar and even less common mental disturbances may include anxiety, hallucinations or aggression. Neglecting the rarity, immediately look for doctor's advice if you experience depression or mood disorders. Patients who already had psychological problems should cut some groceries which exacerbate the skin condition instead of taking Accutane. The medicament could worsen theirs mental health causing depression side effects or even cause a placebo effect.

My advice from personal experience is to remain calm and self-confident regardless of your bad feelings. After the rain comes the Sun and so is the case with Roaccutane. It really makes sense to suffer a little to feel free from acne for whole life.