Roaccutane Treatment

The most popular and effective drug used for healing severe acne in the last 3 decades, Roaccutane, gained popularity in the early 80's immediately after it was developed. A long tradition as an acne medicament brand certainly owes to an impressive skin cleaning treatment achievements within a period of just few months. The influence on skin can't be compared to other medications. Antibacterial agents cannot help to every person especially if he or she has scarring acne which may impact face skin for whole life.

Treatment is simple: vitamin A derived in a oral capsule took with food for a 12-20 weeks respectfully helps to heal acne and maintains skin clean for a long lasting period. Our body needs vitamin A but high doses have toxic effect. The medicine can be purchase only with a prescription because of it's dangerous side effects.

How does Roaccutane treatment work? There are two basic effects of Roaccutane: shortening the glands (sebaceous follicle) that produce oil on skin and simultaneously reducing the acne bacteria which causes inflammation. It naturally slows the secretion of sebaceous glands and dramatically impacts the skin on whole body. The skin becomes clean and the amount of acne is multiple reduced. Skin gains normal color but the treatment with medicine also brings some negative consequences. During a first month the skin condition can become even worse. But the real problem are side effects which actually stimulate healing process and at the same time complicate the therapy.

Doctor must inform you about every possible side effect, alcohol consumption and taking other pills, nutrition while on Roaccutane. In the first weeks after you started taking Roacutane your skin condition will likely become worse and some side effects won't initially assert. The large list of potential side effects include dryness of entire body (skin, eyes, nose, hair...) but two most devastating: depression and birth defects on it. Within a 15 years United States government associated one third drug-related suicides to Roaccutane treatment. The safety of drug became a subject of discussion, does it really cause depression or suicides are mental state results of people who suffer from acne. The American Food and Drug Administration suggested to eliminate Roaccutane from drugstores and labeled it as one of the most dangerous medications. All that facts entail media attention which helped this medicament to gain popularity and status of efficient acne treatment drug. Logic is simple: human body isn't created for powerful chemicals such as Roaccutane so they recommend diet or antibiotic pills as an alternative.

Roaccutane will help to clean acne to almost every patient whether it would be partially or totally. Re-treatment is necessary in one quarter of total treatments but it all depends on dose and individual. One Accutane capsule contains 10mg of isotretinoin and the usual dosage is 0.5mg per kilo of total body weight. The highest degree of disease must be treated with 2mg/kg dose to attain result. Increasing the dose increases the intensity of side effects on Roaccutane course.