Lupus Roaccutane side effect

Lupus is serious and very rare Roaccutane side effect. Possible inflammation causes body's immune system to attack tissues and organs.

There is some distinguishable similarity between the side effect of Roaccutane and lupus. It's side effects are connected with: fatigue, weakness, appetite loss, joints pain and swelling, skin rash, sun sensitivity, problems with lungs, kidneys, hearth and blood cells. Our immune system produces various antibodies to protect us against viral and bacterial infections. Lupus turns this body advantage into the adverse damage by attacking own tissue. Dangerous and less common inflammatory disease is more familiar to women than men.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease and there's no cure for it. Thus, as attainable medication side effect is rarely caused by Roaccutane so it's not even worth of mention. So Accutane results aren't necessarily always present which is sometimes better for us. With proper treatment almost all patients who suffer from lupus can have normal life.