Dry hair and hair loss side effects

Almost every Roaccutane side effect is related to dryness, just like this one. Hair becomes dry after weeks of medicine usage. Particularly effect can be even worse if you use a shampoo for oily hair which contains peroxide. Try not to wash hair regularly or avoid hot water and use shampoo for dry hair. Hot water in general additionally dries intensifying your Roaccutane side effects. The scalp becomes dry like the hair does so dandruff usually appears. It could be prevented by using some of helpful anti-dandruff shampoos.

One of the seven Roaccutane patients experiences hair thinning side effect during the treatment. Hair is thin for few months after Accutane course ended. In rare cases thinning hair is permanent side effect.

Roaccutane is derived from vitamin A and high doses are toxic for human body. That's why sebaceous follicles which develop oil on skin are reduced and acne disappear. But the high doses damage liver which may lead to hair loss. Drying effects on other side also bring risk of hair loss. Use mild shampoo for strengthening the hair and take care about the liver to decrease chances of losing hair. Essential oils and shampoo may also help against weak hair or reduce hair weakness in any way. Digestive disorder relevant to Roaccutane also stimulates hair loss. Dry hair is a typical Roaccutane side effects common to almost every user while hair loss comes out in fewer than 1%.