Roaccutane blood test and other medication

Do not donate blood while on Roaccutane and at least two years after you have stopped taking the pills. If you do donate blood during treatment, child-bearing woman could obtain high level of vitamin A through blood transfusion. You never know how much damage could transfusion make
to pregnant woman and unborn baby (such as birth defects) so be conscientious on this issue.

Several weeks is a sufficient time frame for blood donation. Roaccutane side effects cause a sebum (oil) decrease resulting in increased level of fats in blood. High level of lipids impacts the liver and there's a risk of liver damage. Liver enzymes must be controlled by a regular blood tests. Tests show the total amount of lipids in the blood including triglycerides and cholesterol test. Too high cholesterol level negatively effects the cardiovascular system. Fats must be supervised before you started to take Accutane and once each month including test at the end of therapy. If enzymes level exceeded cross-border, Roaccutane course should be canceled or dose reduced. You must avoid the consummation of fatty foods so that issue does not occur. People who suffer from diabetes are required to control sugar level with a frequent blood test. Roaccutane (isotretinoin) could affect on glucose too.

Roaccutane and other medication
Roaccutane can affect other medications by increasing intensity of own or medicament's side effects. Symptoms depend on drug's active ingredients so every preparation has different consequences of usage. Patients are mostly combining isotretinoin with doxycycline or tetracycline which are medications for acne like Roccutane. Simultaneously combining tetracycline with Accutane results with increased pressure within the skull (intracranial hypertension side effect). Headaches and visual disorders may occur. Visual disturbances are acquired by swelling the optic nerve that connects the eye with brain. Harmful side effect will be stimulated by combining with any antibiotic. Minocycline, doxycycline and tetracycline are
in category of banned antibiotics. Consult with your pharmacist or dermatologist earlier to avoid unwanted Roaccutane side effects. Your doctor will prescript medication best for you so there's no need to experiment at the expense of personal health. Ignore this caution otherwise.

Keep of vitamin A supplementations to inhibit worse side effects. Vitamin is convenient for better skin condition so products which contain vitamin A counteract the regular Roaccutane dose. Regulate the nutrition by paying attention to the foods rich in vitamin (retinoid or beta carotene) such as carrot and animal liver. Any further intake of provitamin A leads to worsening of side effects.