Dry eyes side effect

Dry eyes Roaccutane side effect occurrences as common as other dryness issues. It happens along while on and after Roaccutane therapy. Several components have influence on this effect.

Mixture of water and oil constitutes the layer of tears over the entire eye. Tarsal glands, goblet cells and lachrymal (tear) glands are developing tears in the purpose of surface covering to protect eyeballs with the help of eyelids. Lids are spreading tears to preserve eyes wet and on other side keep them clean. Moistening is reduced by usage of Roaccutane, depending on individual or medication dosage. Lacrimal (tear) duct positioned on the lower lid has natural role to drain while Roaccutane causes side effect that dries eyes. Dryness appears in less than half cases and it's related to eye prickling or discomfort while eyes are closed, blurry sight etc.

Ophthalmia (inflammation) and conjunctivitis are more serious symptoms that indicate isotretinoin treatment interruption. An ophthalmologist visit is needful in such events.

Eye dryness and contact lens do not go together! The only way to prevent and maintain dampness is by applying artificial tears. Using artificial tear drops such as Refresh contacts available at every pharmacy or contact lens distributor shop. Refresh drops contain chemical compounds as polythene glycol and often have influence on your eyes for hours. Reduced comfortableness even with eye drops are suggestions from your body to avoid lenses which means replace them with glasses alternatively. If wearing glasses is not applicable and your side effect is severe, think about possible infections as result of continuing wearing your contact lenses. Conjunctivitis can be cured but some patients have never been able to put lens again.

Air-conditioning in the room you spend time in could also worsen side effects. Dryness is extremely enhanced in front of computer monitor. Working in office or studying becomes exhausting for eyes so always have Refresh contacts drops in the reach of hands. If you experience irritation, appeasement by using Refreshes is guaranteed. Tolerance of contact lenses depends on individual.

Night vision
One more Roaccutane side effect associated with eyes is impaired night vision. It might occur during and after treatment has been finished. Vitamin from which Roaccutane is obtained from stands behind this effect. Decreased night vision happens all of a sudden so driving or operating machine of any type should be carefully done. Decreased vision effect can be experienced in every dark place, not just during the night. Notice of visual impairments should be reported to a doctor as soon as possible. Very rarely isotretinoin therapy must be canceled because of vision difficulties.