Side effects of Vitamin A

Roaccutane consumed in high doses has the equal side effect like vitamin A. Side effects of vitamin A such as skin cleansing are positive, while it can simultaneously cause serious damage to skin.

Roaccutane dries skin and therefore is susceptible to inflammation and redness. Skin becomes itchy and easily darkens on sunlight. Roaccutane or vitamine A side effect is related to impaired night vision, disease also known as night blindness. Experiments have proved that each entry of Accutane slows the recovery of rod vision signaling. Side effect varies from person to person and many Roaccutane users haven't experienced impaired vision. Extremely high amounts of vitamin A present in blood cause birth defects so Roaccutane strictly prohibited before and during the pregnancy. It needs up to one month to cleanse the body of vitamin A in blood and it's side effects. Vitamin A and ingredients derived from it have competency inside the brain so side effects of vitamin A could be linked to psychological impact during treatment.

Mostly known but not so common side effects of vitamin A, first signs of excessive dose are: redness (rosacea), headaches, itching and dry skin while in chronic case hair loss, insomnia, weight loss, liver damage, depression, fatigue and in some cases isotretinoin could affect on unborn child. Hypervitaminosis A is usually consequence of long-term treatment of disease (acne, psoriasis) with isotretinoin and for that reason Roaccutane therapy should always be under the supervision of doctor.