Does vitamin A help acne?

Isotretinoin is an active ingredient contained in Roaccutane capsules utilized because of its useful properties. It's derived from vitamin A, nutrient present in in very small quantities but important for the health of human body. But does vitamin A help acne actually?

Vitamin A is found in food which contains carotene and it's responsible for keeping the skin healthy. Meanwhile, those doses aren't sufficient for any effect on acne so the additional amounts must be artificially acquired to impact the acne on skin. That's the reason why capsules of Roaccutane help in the acne treatment no matter how serious side effects could high doses of vitamine A cause.

Another most important function is participation in the maintenance of healthy eyes. Vitamin A action is usually consequence of attracting on specific receptors so it affects the synthesis of some proteins important for our body. It participates in the synthesis of rhodopsin, a pigment responsible for the perception of a light. Chemical process is impossible without vitamin so lack of vitamin A can cause impaired night vision.

On other side it can cause effects like dermatological problems, poor immune system, changes in the production of growth hormone and the formation of red blood cells. Roaccutane definitely does help acne. Vitamin A supplementations can be obtained in any drugstore for the very cheap price, but Accutane contains isotretinoin, which is only partially vitamin and causes different effects so none supplement can replace Roaccutane in acne healing process.